New Hermes Cashmere Blanket Throw


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The ultimate in luxury home decor craftsmanship The Iconic House of Hermes always provides us with extravagant show pieces If you need a fabulous blanket/throw to add your bedroom decor, this is the one to choose In the world of pricey, label-flashing designer goods, Hermes is king This gorgeous cashmere blanket is rare and impossible to find anywhere in this condition It offers exceptional warmth and softness because it is made using 100% cashmere made in Finland, considered the finest quality in the world The resulting cashmere is woven into a tightly knit blanket that keeps you warm without bulk and doesn't feel scratchy on your skin Fringe on both ends Condition: New Comes from a smoke and pet free home The prices for all their collection only keeps going up Hermes is a brand that will retain its value through age and will never go out of style


Retail: $3000+

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