Replica Hermes Pear Bag Charm


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Available for your consideration is an enchanting and authentic Hermes Pear Bag Charm  The charm was crafted in France of Hermes Barenia leather with sterling silver metal pieces  It is shaped and colored like a pear  The lovely Hermes Pear Bag Charm adds a bit of whimsy to your sophisticated Hermes handbags


The charm has a total length of approximately 8”  The chain is approximately 55” in length  The leather pendant has a diameter of approximately 15” at the widest point  The charm is in very good, gently previously worn condition  The leather has some very light scratches that are not at all evident  The sterling silver metal pieces have some fine, superficial scratches and some tarnish   The dust cover and box are not available


This fanciful and exceedingly upscale Hermes Pear Bag Charm is the perfect accessory

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