Replica Hermes Yellow Courchevel Black Box Calf Reversible Bel


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This Authentic Hermes reversible Constance belt is absolutely gorgeous Yellow courchevel leather + Black box calf with gold H logo H logo buckle is detachable Will be gorgeous accent of your fashion Highly recommended


Size : #65 / will fits 625m - 675cm and 725cm (2460 inches - 2657 inches and 2854 inches)

Original owner made new hole on 725cm

There are 4 holes : 625cm , 65cm , 675cm  and 725 cm ( 2460 inches , 2559 inches , 2657 inches and 2854 inches)


Width : 25cm (1 inches wide)


Includes : Original box


Condition : Excellent used condition Some wear is shown the box calf Yellow courchevel leather shows no serious wear or damage You can see some wear around the 4th hole But not serious Black box calf shows some visible scratches and wear But they are not a problem for wearing Hardware shows some scratches and wear Hardware is not tarnished or fading Totally excellent used condition


Blind Stamp : Square + B -- 1/7 (Year : 1998)


Made in France



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