Replica Hermes Saffron Ostrich 45 Cm Hac Birkin


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This authentic Hermès 45 cm Haut a Courroies is in excellent condition Considered the ultimate luxury item the world over and hand stitched by skilled craftsmen, wait lists of a year or more are commonplace for Hermès bags This particular HAC is in ostrich skin with gold hardware believe the color to be saffron, a beautiful warm shade of beige  Overall, a very stunning combination The Haut a Courroies, or “high belts” bag, is very similar to the Birkin but proportionally taller with slightly shorter handles The HAC, like the Birkin, was originally used for carrying equestrian equipment but has since become an icon of fashion and taste


Ostrich skin is unmistakable in appearance due to the raised bumps from the quill follicles of the ostrich  Considered one of the strongest commercial leathers, it ages well and may be wiped down after exposure to rain, if necessary  This luxurious skin requires a very specialized production process making it quite a bit more expensive than the bovine leathers 


 Saffron color is delightfully neutral and displays the texture of the skin beautifully  Warm gold hardware is the perfect accent   Coordinating chevre lining   Blind stamped U within a circle Made in France


Purchase includes padlock, keys, clochette and dust bags



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