Replica Hermes Natural Brown Fjord Hac Birkin 50 Vintage Rare


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This offer is for authentic HERMES natural brown, Fjord leather HAC birkin in 50cm Very large Hermes bag This bag is from 1985 Vintage hac birkin Absolutely rare and stunning Must have item for all vintage Hermes collector's


Main color : natural


Material : Fijord


Includes : Key (one piece) , Lock and chrochette Dust bag or box are not included


Blind stamp : Circle + O


Condition : Excellent vintage condition NO big scratches or flaws But some slight wear is shown around the bottom corners some minor wear is shown on the leather, but not serious Handles also show some slight wear and blackish wear but not serious The hardware in front of the bag is slightly fading and bit tarnished The clasp is bit loose you can fix it at Hermes boutique Without meintenance, still wearable Lining shows some slight wrinkles, but not serious Bottom area is bit creased by its weight it is natural and common to all these large size Hac birkins


This hac birkin is vintage more than 25 years old 


Made in France



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