Hermes Bracelet Collier De Chien Cdc Tosca Pink Purple Phw Bnib


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Hermes most sought after bracelet The Collier de chien otherwise known as the CDC bracelet


This bracelet is made of Tosca Swift Leather with beautiful Silver Palladium Hardware The year of stamping O in square (meaning that it is produced in the year 2011) This bracelet makes for the perfect gift  for anyone for any occasion This bracelet is a unisex item and appeals to the Hermes or jewelry collector


Created by one of the most luxurious houses today, the Collier de chien certainly holds an air of exclusivity, while the spiked hardware provides just the right dangerous quality and completely fits into the uptown-downtown trend


Measures: L 83” x 157”  Diameter 255" The CDC is adjustable and extends from 65” to 75”


This stunning item ships with  Hermès CDC bracelet in Tosca Swift leather with Palladium hardware:


- Original Hermes box wrapped beautifully with Hermes Ribbon


- Original Hermes Pouch


- Hermes Receipt with personal information blacked out


Brand new, plastic on hardware and as always guaranteed authentic

Shipped from US

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