Rare Replica Hermes Collier De Chien Cdc Rare Indian Embroider


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On offer is a fabulous Gold Chamonix Collier de Chien with Gold hardware What makes this so special is that its is the rarity of the piece  The Classic Collier de Chien has been revolutionised with hand embroidered panels which have been incorporated into the Chamonix 


This was launched as part of the Year of India At the time stores were allocated just a few pieces Trying to find one today is virtually impossible This is a true classic and very very chic Impossible to get hold off 


This is a preowned item and in fabulous condition



Size: small


Stamp: L



Your Collier de Chien will be shipped with: 

- Original Hermes box



This is one of the most popular, rare and sought after Hermes iconic bracelets 

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