Hermes 34 quotSoie De Carre Alphabet3 Scarf By Annie Faivre C199


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ALPHABET 3 Designed by Annie Faivre in 1990 by HERMES, Paris 34" with Outward Hand-Rolled & Stitched Edges in Silk de Carre'


ALPHABET 3 Designed by Annie FAIVRE and issued in 1990 Signature within the pattern of the scarf - lower left corner says HERMES, Paris - right corner A FAIVRE HERMES is actually spelled out in the design using animals and birds and insects This is absolutely authentic HERMES issued in 1990 Signed in the HERMES, Paris in the lower right hand Motif Missing the white fabric tag Background color is a dark Grayed Olive Green with the pattern articulated in lush Yellows, Golds, Olives, Taupe and Rose100% Soie le Caree Twill Made in France Measurements: 90 x 90cm The motif is extraordinarily detailed The palette is full of resonating color



This amazing scarf still carries its original folds It is an aerial image of the Animals, Birds, Insects and Trees & leaves spelling out the ALPHABET HERMES, Style HERMES, PARIS Signature integrated in the design Features plump forward rolled hem,PERFECT ConditionSorry, no box HERMES, Paris, is known for the ultimate in luxury Their leather goods are unparalleled and their Silks are created with the finest "hand" in the Fashion Industry HERMES scarves are legend, each one with front hand-rolled stitched edges and made of the silk twill caree that they invented Each scarf tells a complete story featuring the most exciting prints and patterns and the purest of coloration, each and every one is a WORK OF ART A palette of more than 50,000 colors is used exclusively by Hermes to achieve the greatest detail possible Many collectors, frame these beautiful silks& cashmeres, as they are the creative imaginings of the most talented Artist Designers of the past two centuries


An Artist (Designer) and 7 skilled craftsmen and women are involved in making a scarf including a silkworm breeder, a weaver, an engraver, a colorist, a printer, an enoblisseur and a hand-roller The silkworm breeders are generally located in China and Brazil The other craftsmen are all based in France


A studio of 20 freelance designers work for Hermes under the direction of Jean-Louis Dumas It takes about 2 years to complete a scarf from design concept, engraving, printing to the hand finishing process Hand-rolled edges takes approximately 40 minutes per scarf to complete


This is WEARABLE ART that only HERMES can provideVintage HERMES, Paris, SOIE LE CARRE SCARF


Extraordinary ART and the whispered skill of superior design are ALWAYS what separates the wannabees from the AUTHENTIC


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