New Hermes quotles Cents Plis De Miao quotBurgundy Cashmere silk


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Just raided my Mom's closet and have found some delightful HERMES scarves  This one is the large cashmere/silk one and is brand new with tags entitled "Les Cents Plis de Miao" or "the Hundred Pleats of the Miao" in French, the traditional pleated skirts from the Miao, a minority folk from Southwest China's Guizhou province The scarf was designed by the immensely talented A Honore The background is a wonderful  combination colorway of linden yellow green, bright turquoise, deep red with a with a wide burgundy red border The center design is a modern take on the ethnic pleated skirts of the Miao community in China with different birds and animals in each corner of the scarf in mosaic patterns Dramatic Chinese gray horse and chains in the center of the scarf The colors add a beautiful pop to all white or all black It has never been worn and is in excellent condition with original folds and plump hems as well as caretag attached and original Hermes tag No box sorry

54" square - 140cm square

Made in France

Excellent mint condition

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