Replica Hermes Bearn Wallet In Vert Anis Chevre With Box


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Brand: Authentic Hermes Bearn wallet in Vert Anis Chevre


Condition: Good


Please see the pictures for more details


Material: Leather




Box/Dust bag: Yes/No


Size: 175cm (W),  9cm (H)


This is an approximation size This wallet was made by its original manufacture we have no control over its size 


Product Rating: 


Overall: B


Outside: B; Some dirty spots, some scratches, leather distress


Inside: B


Odor: B++



Rating Detail

New: This item has the same quality as it comes out from store

A++: Pristine condition: used several times with extremely care

A: Excellent condition with some tiny scratches, stains or used feeling

B++: Very good condition: Somewhere between A and B

B: Good condition with visible scratches, stains or used feeling

Below B: DO NOT CARRY this kind of products 


All of our products are rated based on our opinions Other persons might feel different Please check our pictures to consider with our rating About the smell of the products, the judgement about smell might be varying from person to person cannot guarantee that other persons will feel the same way with us


The item is sold "AS IS"

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